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We are proud to show off some of our recent work.  We started out using a disposable camera (you can see the result).  Now we use a digital to capture the vehicle's giggling over their new looks...

Another customer bike.  Pete is in on that great stretch of road in the sky with his beloved Boss Hoss.  Taken too soon.  We will miss him!!1

wpe23.jpg (4373 bytes)



Bikes and nothing but, except when there are cute kids on em. .

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wpe27.jpg (5272 bytes)                  wpe40.jpg (10056 bytes)                          wpe2F.jpg (8114 bytes)

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wpe32.jpg (7440 bytes)        wpe43.jpg (4859 bytes)            virgo ultra.jpg (48987 bytes)    wpe41.jpg (5851 bytes)

                      wpe44.jpg (3357 bytes)         


                                          2001 roadglide on street close.JPG (2232753 bytes)                               hardrock bike for sale.jpg (45211 bytes)